Saturday, April 6, 2013

Opening of the exhibition "We are waiting for you" in DOB gallery - 09. April at 19h

Spring exhibition project in Dom Omladine Belgrade Cultural Centre 2013
9. - 21.04.2013

About and around curating/ Kustosiranje is original project developed by Andrej Bereta and Srdjan Tunić (curators- art historians), educational and research programme, dedicated to explore technology of curatorial practice. It is rooted on exchange, share culture and concept of lifelong learning based on experiences from emerging curatorial field. Younger professionals from art and culture are target group. Participants in specially developed team exhibition projects, such as this one, organized by call of Youth Center of Belgrade, as major support, develop final result through diverse stages of preparation of one exhibition. This catalogue is integral part of exhibition “We are waiting for you”, which consists of installation of one tv- set, chair, lamp and three video takes played sync in loop. Several Belgrade’s graffiti statements in exterior public space, with lynch- alike calls against differences in society, and overseeing and ignorance by majority, as proof of desensibilized society is starting point for exploration of this artwork.

Team of seven participants, joined in this group consists of: Ana Srdić, Andjela Milinković, both students of art history, Bojana Andrić, director of photography- movie and tv camera, Jelena Obradović, student of archeology, Marija Macić, art historian, Milica Josimović, antropology student, Višnja Vujošević, architect.

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