Saturday, December 22, 2012

Curatorial platform's (Croatia) visit to Belgrade, 26.- 28.10.2012

Field trip to Belgrade participants of Curatorial platform (Kustoska platforma) from Zagreb, late October 2012.

The authors of About and around curating by this opportunity organised for Curatorial platform's participants study visits to cultural institutions (public and NGO), exhibitons, events and meeting with professionals: The Museum of Applied Arts - exhibition Halftime by artistic collective Škart with public guidance by artist Dragan Protić Prota; Independent artistic association Remont - a talk with curator Miroslav Karić, Remont Art Bazar and a preesentation of the platform Serbian Contemporary Art; meeting with independent curator Maja Ćirić an a visit to Magacin; The 53rd October salon - public guidance and a meeting with Salon's curator Branislav Dimitrijević, participation in About and around curating #19Grad: European center for culture and debate - a talk with artistic director Ljudmila Stratimirović and Moda za poneti (Fashion to go); Cultural centre of Belgrade - Belgrade Art Fair & Podroom gallery).

Photos by Duška Boban and Nambi Kezić