Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Saturday 03 November - programme: About and around curating #20, Expodium

At 6 PM

Guests: Mika Hannula (Finland/Germany) and
Branislav Dimitrijević (Serbia)

Curators of the 53rd October salon in Belgrade

NIGHTWALKERS_POT#2, with Dalija Aćin

TIME: 20.00*
(mail us with the tile: NIGHTWALKERS_POT#2)

This walk aspires to shift the experience of the other and the city. 
Attention will be focused on the distances and spaces between the walkers as well as the distances between walkers and the built environment. 
Reducing the sound of the city and closing down all verbal communication between the walkers, the awareness will be shifted towards experiencing the possible meanings of the proximities, feel them, explore and use them as a mean of communication. 

It will be a "sound off" hour of observing, sensing, understanding and exploring the meaning of the spaces between us. 
Consequently, this walk will be the choreography of attention.

*ATTENTION: Walkers will meet 15 min before the walk starts and get introduced to the concept and the rules.

About and around curating #20: Mika Hannula and Branislav Dimitrijević, curators of the 53rd October salon

Monday, October 29, 2012

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Saturday 27 October - programme: About and around curating #19, Expodium

At 6 PM

Guests: Ivana Meštrov and Mihaela Rihter
Curators, art historians, authors of the project Curatorial platform (Zagreb)

At 5 PM

As part of the project Parliament of transition, art collective Expodium (Bart Witte and Nikos Doulos) organises a series of informal talks and performances with the people from Savamala, a space for personal narratives on the process of transition of Savamala and Belgrade.


slide-show performance with Bojan Bjelobaba (AUTO SERVIS FLASH)

DISMANTLING THE MACHINE addresses the notion of disassembling a structure, a social body, a nation.

Local, Savamala car mechanic Bojan Bjelobaba dismantles a car engine, while a slide-show of quotes, news articles and visuals runs as a backdrop.

The event is stripped down to the minimal and projects facts of Belgrade's current history that subjectively correspond to a new era for the city and Serbia in general.

After the performance, all parts of the engine will be exhibited in the space as part of the Parliament of Transition installation.

Moderators: Andrej Bereta and Srđan Tunić, curators - art historians

Monday, October 22, 2012

About and around curating #18, Expodium POT - photos

20 October 2012

Guest: Helene Larsson, Cultural Councellor at the Embassy of Sweden in Belgrade, and former curator at the National Historian Museum in Stockholm and the Swedish Travelling Exhibitions

Guest: Miodrag Ninić, Kulturforum OSCD