Wednesday, January 14, 2015

About and around curating #32: Donald Russell

Wednesday 10th December 2014 at 18h, Artisphere (artist in residence gallery), Arlington, VA, USA

Tea talk & About and around curating #32

Tea talk is part of an accompanying program of LIVE/LIFE exhibition which explores the life cycle of silk bugs through art. The artist Elsabe Dixon is organizing every month from October 2014 till February 2015 series of Tea talks – conversations with audience and professionals from different fields such as art, ecology, agronomy, etc. The goal of these talks is to understand the exhibition as a space of encounters and merging practices, as well as possibilities to network perspectives.

Moderator: Elsabe Dixon, visual artist, professor at George Mason University.
Participants: Donald Russell, Karmen Wong, Sue Wrbican, Bill Mitchell and Srđan Tunić.

About and around curating #32 was held together with Tea talk, and also as an independent interview.

Guest: Donald Russell

Photographer, founder of Provisions library and university curator at George Mason University.

Foto: Elsabe Dixon and Srdjan Tunic.

Provisions investigates the relationship between art and social change through research, production, and education. From its library home in George Mason University’s School of Art in Fairfax, Virginia and at sites throughout the District, Provisions produces and supports projects in the US Capitol Region and across the globe.
Provisions’ art and culture research explores models for a more inclusive, equitable, and connected society.
Provisions partners with organizations, individuals, and institutions to develop and amplify contemporary narratives across cultures, support grassroots modes of action, and provide open access to knowledge and understanding of social change in its artistic and creative dimensions. The library, public programming, and research opportunities host artistic, intellectual, and activist endeavors that explore the educational and social promise of contemporary culture.
Local, national, and international projects include exhibitions, public art, residencies, screenings, workshops, lectures, and publications. Participants include artists, activists, academics, students, professionals from a variety of disciplines, and everyday people.

About and around curating / Kustosiranje is an educational and a research programme which deals with curatorial practice, the technologies of preparation and realisation of independent exhibition projects, education and support to proactive attitude of young and future art curator. The target groups are final-year(s) students and graduates of Arts universities (art history, visual and applied arts, architecture, dramatic arts, etc), professionals from the fields of arts and culture (curators, artists, managers and entrepreneurs).
Project authors: Andrej Bereta and Srđan Tunić, curators, art historians