Monday, December 23, 2013

About and around curating in Valjevo as part of VAKUM

About and around curating was a part of "Countdown" programme in the city of Valjevo, on 21st December 2013, organised by VAKUM (Valjevo cultural network).

The participants of Curatorial panel-discussion were art historians and curators:
Milica Pekić, KIOSK / Association independent cultural scene of Serbia
Andrej Bereta, About and around curating/ Civil association ARTIKAL
Srdjan Tunić, About and around curating/ Civil association ARTIKAL

The panel-discussion topics were: independent/civil initiatives from the fields of art and culture in Serbia, opportunities of funding, organising, decentralisation, networking and mutual support.

More on VAKUM initiative for forming a multimedia cultural centre in House of the army in Valjevo: (in Serbian)

Foto: Boris Jovanović