Monday, December 23, 2013

About and around curating in Valjevo as part of VAKUM

About and around curating was a part of "Countdown" programme in the city of Valjevo, on 21st December 2013, organised by VAKUM (Valjevo cultural network).

The participants of Curatorial panel-discussion were art historians and curators:
Milica Pekić, KIOSK / Association independent cultural scene of Serbia
Andrej Bereta, About and around curating/ Civil association ARTIKAL
Srdjan Tunić, About and around curating/ Civil association ARTIKAL

The panel-discussion topics were: independent/civil initiatives from the fields of art and culture in Serbia, opportunities of funding, organising, decentralisation, networking and mutual support.

More on VAKUM initiative for forming a multimedia cultural centre in House of the army in Valjevo: (in Serbian)

Foto: Boris Jovanović

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Second year of About and around curating / Kustosiranje project - Summarising Season #03 (January-June 2013) and 2014 plans

Second year of About and around curating / Kustosiranje project

- Summarising Season #03 (January-June 2013) and 2014 plans -

Established cooperation with professionals and collectives (participants of the public programme):

Višnja Kisić, art historian, curator (Europa Nostra Serbia)
Saša Janjić, art historian, curator (Independent artistic association REMONT)
Marlene Rigler, art theoretician, curator (Platform3)
Irina Subotić, art historian, curator
Participants and co-authors of the exhibition We are waiting for you as part of About and around curating: Spring exhibition project in Dom Omladine 2013: Jelena Obradović (student of archaeology), Marija Macić (art historian) and Višnja Vujović (architect)
Vladan Jeremić, artist, curator, activist

Special programme:
  • About and around curating: Spring exhibition project in Dom Omladine 2013. March-April 2013. In cooperation with Dom omladine Beograd (Belgrade youth centre), organised an Open call, one moth of exhibition preparation, workshops, lectures, developing team concept and mixing roles, researching writings and graffiti of hatred in Belgrade.
  • About and around curating: Thrill in movement. April-June 2013. Andrej Bereta and Srdjan Tunić were, by call, Directors of visual artistic programme of Mikser festival 2013. Selection of artists (Serbian, international), Open call for participation for curators and curatorial associates/documentary, forming 7 teams, preparations, production of new artworks, individual and overall exhibition in open /public space concept.
  • About and around curating was one of the accompanying programmes (presentation, discussion, workshop) and logistical support of 6th Art in nature laboratory ArsKozara on mountain Kozara, Bosnia and Herzegovina (august 2013), in cooperation with Visual artists association Tač.ka (Prijedor).
  • Collaboration on Cultural Innovators Network projects: Trans-Cultural Dialogues and Infiltri.

Exhibition projects
  • Group exhibition About and around curating: 7x3 by students of architecture, art history and fine arts, as final activities of the Academic course About and around curating, in Art space U10 (21.03.-06.04.2013); supported by Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade
  • We are waiting for you exhibition was developed as final outcome of spring project in Dom omladine Beograd main gallery, with newly produced artworks, accompanying programme and material (catalogue, postcards), and interactive part of the exhibition (09.-21.04.2013)
  • About and around curating: Thrill in movement was an open air group exhibition (28.05.-02.06.2013), on the Savamala city quarters streets, 7 segments and newly produced artworks, accompanying program e (public guidances), catalogue in preparation
  • Cooperation on the exhibiton 11 (applauses) of Slobodan Stošić, as part of Dimitrije Bašićević Mangelos award (YVAA) for young Serbian artists, in Dom omladine Belgrade gallery (08.-23.07.2013)

Radio television of Serbia, Beokult programme
B92 web platform
Radio Studio B

Work in progress – in realisation for Season #04 & #05 (September 2013 - June 2014)

In the next season, About and around curating / Kustosiranje will be focusing on project activities, in cooperation with local and international cultural organisations, networking with the West Balkans region, realisation of running and planned projects, reaching the goal of sustainability. In parallel, academic and public programme would be continued.

  1. Preparation of the publication on the first two years of About and around curating project and continuing the About and around curating: The technology of the exhibition process / the realisation of the project – “real world” academic course (in Serbia, Bosnia and Hezegovina)
  2. Networking and developing closer and long-standing cooperation with initiatives, organisations and professionals from Serbia, region and the EU
  3. Cooperation with University in Vilnius, Faculty of Humanities (Lithuania)
  4. Part of the organisation of Dimitrije Bašićević MANGELOS contemporary young Serbian artists award for 2014 (part of YVAA), in cooperation with Independent artistic association REMONT
  5. Annual exhibition programme (reconstructions) for 2014 and formation of the documentary centre for 50 years of Dom omladine Belgrade's exhibiton activities; starting from Autumn 2013
  6. Curatorial research and exhibiton as part of Urban incubator platform in city district Savamala, supported by Goethe Institut Belgrade; starting from Spring 2014
  7. Continuing the collaboration on Euro-Mena Cultural Innovators Network projects
  8. Public programme (public cultural institutions, exhibition spaces etc.) and presentations of the project on local, regional and international art events

Sunday, September 1, 2013

About and around curating at 6th ArsKozara - photo report

During 6th ArsKozara, autors of the projekta Kustosiranje / About and around curating organised a presentation of the project, discussion and workshop for art colony participants.

The focus of the presentation was on exhibiton projects realised during Season #03 (January - June 2013): About and around curating / Kustosiranje: 7x3 (part of About and around curating academic course, Art space U10), We are waiting for you (About and around curating: Spring exhibition project in DOB 2013, gallery of Dom omladine Beograd youth center) and About and around curating: Thrill in movement (Mikser festival 2013).

Also, a part of the presentation was focused on mapping the main problems and challenges facing Serbian contemporary art scene, as funding, sectors collaboration, and audience, among others. The goal was to raise discussion about having constructive suggestions and solutions initiated by individuals and organisations, as reaction.

The workshop was targeted towards examining curator-artist professional  relation, emphasising direct communication as key factor for successful collaboration. 

And artists were working on everyday basis...

TV report made by Radio Television of Republika Srpska (RTVRS) on 30.08.2013 about 6th ArsKozara (in Serbian):

Promotional video and announcement for 6th ArsKozara:


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

6th ArsKozara

We are back! :)

About and around curating / Kustosiranje, in summer edition, still moving...

Yesterday, at Monday 19th August 2013 was the official opening and press conference of 6th colony, group exhibition on open air and art laboratory in nature ArsKozara, which is held in National park Kozara, organised by Group of visual artists Tač.ka from Prijedor.

Our programme is scheduled for Wednesday 21st and Thursday 22nd of August, which consists of presentation of the About and around curating / Kustosiranje project, a short insight into the challenges of Serbian contemporary scene, as well as a workshop for participants.