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Video "Waiting" of the About and around curating project at Mikser festival 2012

Video "Waiting" of the About and around curating project at Mikser festival 2012
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Idea, director, producer: Jelena Micić
Editing: Jelena Micić
Camera: Žarko Aleksić

Protagonists: participants of the About and around curating project at Mikser festival 2012 From right to left: Tijana Trkulja, Dušan Savić, Ana Stevanović, Marija Ratković, Jelena Micić, Srđan Tunić, Viktorija Kamilić, Andrej Bereta, Slađana Dragičević, Neda Radoičić

Video, 2012 10’35’’

Video "Waiting" was realised by the group of the project About and arund curating, as part of the exhibition project on Mikser festival 2012.

Course: About and around curating - a call for art history students

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Video by participants of the About and around curating project at Mikser festival 2012

Video by participants of the About and around curating project at Mikser festival 2012 
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The participants of the project had an opportunity to make a video (duration 90'') and, according to their own criteria and technical skills, give voice to one of the following topics:
- The position of a curator in Serbia today, or the present state of culture in Serbia
- Savamala space - through art, urbanism, history, (lack of) perspectives...

All videos are merged into one, integral video lasting 16 minutes and 20 seconds.
After the opening screening, the participants had a small workshop - by random choice, each one got a chance to express a critical opinion of another's work in five sentences. The time available for writing short texts was 15 minutes.

By using a media "reserved" for the artists, the videos represent the position and a statement of young and future curators of today.

Video 2012, 16’20’’

More on About and around curating at Mikser festival 2012 at:


1.            Ana Stevanović and Marija Ratković

Directors and producers: Ana Stevanović i Marija Ratković
Editing: Marija Ratković
Camera: Ana Stevanović

The video by Ana and Marija, recorded from the tram, directly adds to and (doesn’t)  justifies the image of the society where these two future art historians live, recalls and reminds us about the actual state of Belgrade – the part that we could see at Savamala district.
Loneliness, but also insurgency.
Enormous, almost insurmountable gulf between This Here and Now and That There and Now.

Slađana Dragičević, art historian

2.            Andrej Bereta

"Roll another one"
Director, producer: Andrej Bereta
Editing, camera: Andrej Bereta
Protagonists: Andrej Bereta and Srđan Tunić
Music: The Fraternity of Man - Don't Bogart Me (1968)

Culture that’s locked in a system. Who has the key? Does lobbying open the doors for art and culture projects? The financing of artistic and cultural project is a problem without solution if there are not famous/unknown Maecenas involved. It seems that the persons beholding the key don’t need any Story to realise the importance of culture and art in society.

Tijana Trkulja, art producer

3.            Dušan Savić

"Noli me tangere"
Director: Dušan Savić
Producer: Srđan Tunić
Editing and camera: Dušan Savić
Protagonist: Dušan Savić

To be curious, to touch everything… To try, to feel… And to find out. How else does one learn – about one’s surroundings, about one’s self? With one’s hand, independent, exploratory, as a curator in action – a basis for true toolbox.

Andrej Bereta, curator, art historian

4.            Slađana Dragičević

"Put ka SavaMaloj (A trip to SavaMala)"
Director and producer: Slađana Dragičević
Editing: Dušan Savić
Camera: Slađana Dragičević

This work was made while preparations for the Mikser festival were taking place.
Travelling from Sombor to Belgrade, the author, without purpose, takes an available medium to express her condition, which will later become a basis of video artwork.
In the rain, one could find discomfort, and unrest in the fast traffic.
She doesn’t walk the road, the road passed by her.
Hidden from the rain, the author finds shelter from where she expresses retreat against current, chaotic, black and white events.

Jelena Micić, philologist, student of aesthetics

5.            Tijana Trkulja

"Critical issues of urban practice"
Director and producer: Tijana Trkulja
Editing and camera: Nenad Billy Urošević
Protagonist: Tijana Trkulja
Music: Nenad Billy Urošević – Way (2012)

The mask hides, but behind it could be anyone.
The straitjacket points at rejection from society, public and the “normal“ field.
The author has both her hands tight, preventing her to realise planned artistic interventions under Branko’s bridge.
Her position as „cultural worker“ thus is unambiguous.
The remaining question is: is critical rearticulation of contemporary society through art either desirable or permitted.

Srđan Tunić, curator, art historian

6.            Viktorija Kamilić

"Zagrljaj za Savamalu (A hug for Savamala)"
Director and producer: Viktorija Kamilić
Editing: Viktorija Kamilić, Rastko Popović and Dušan Savić
Camera: Rastko Popović, Ana Stevanović and Marija Ratković
Protagonists: Viktorija Kamilić, Ana Stevanović and Marija Ratković
Music: Nine Inch Nails - 6 Ghosts I (2008)

In this work, the author deals with pointing and praising to the beauty of a long negligent place of Savamala. In a intimate and just about intuitive way, she presents the viewers not the hidden, but the forgotten examples of Serbian architecture which decorate one of the prettiest parts of Belgrade. The hug itself does not represent  a mere comfort for a lonely Savamala district, it symbolises a true promise that, with the participation of all fellow citizens and all those who feel that way, Savamala will shine again.

Dušan Savić, art history student

7.            Srđan Tunić

"La vie en rose"
Director and producer: Srđan Tunić
Editing: Dušan Savić
Camera: Jelena Micić
Protagonists: Julijana Stanojević, Senka Latinović and Srđan Tunić
Music: Clara Rockmore – La vie en rose (2006)

The past in Savamala or the past of Savamala.
We could see Srđan’s work as a reflection on the city that changes, but stays the same. City spaces that still exist, but which lost their original function.
Is the city going under change or just the people?

Viktorija Kamilić, art historian

8.            Jelena Micić

Director and producer: Jelena Micić
Editing and camera: Jelena Micić

In the video artwork of Jelena Micić we could find an empty billboard, in the middle of an urban jungle. The thing we are trying to understand is what it causes. The passers-by, used to seeing a thousand of commercials every day and react on their content overlook the white space.

Ana Stevanović and Marija Ratković, art history students

9.            Neda Radoičić

"Dah Savamale (The breath of Savamala)"
Directors and producers: Neda Radoičić i Slađana Dragičević
Editing: Tijana Trkulja and Nenad Billy Urošević
Camera: Neda Radoičić
Protagonists: Neda Radoičić, Slađana Dragičević, passers-by

Choosing passers-by as the protagonists of The breath of Savamala, Neda tells us about our citizens’ knowledge of the terms: curator, Mikser festival, Savamala, as well as what they find (not) annoying. Most of them agreed on that the noise is disturbing and they would like to see the place cleaned up a bit.
Asking too much?
Do we all share a little boy’s behaviour when he has a privilege to say “no” by waving his head, when he’s displeased? Are we childishly powerless and capable of waiting until the Savamala district becomes one more Shopping mall where Mikser festival will be a DJ, providing “unseen great fun”? And the curators will work at ticket-offices.

Slađana Dragičević, art historian

Thursday, September 13, 2012

About and around curating in Zagreb at the 31st Youth salon

About and around curating / Kustosiranje will be a guest of the 31st Youth salon in Zagreb, curated by Vladimir Čajkovac, as part of the programme Corrections (Saturday, 15 September 2012 at 7 PM).

Also, together with the colleagues from the Salon and Curatorial platform, who are organising a special programme called Practicum, we'll have a chance to visit exhibitions, Antisalon (Parallel/Salon of the Rejects) and have a deeper insight in the work of the Salon, its curators and artists.

1. Could artists rebel through institutions at all?
The central issue of this year’s Salon is the shape and purpose of the exhibition as Salon gradually came to oppose the institutionalized events and the most frequent objection to the “exhibited cross-section of two years’ creative work” is directly opposite the original ideas of rebellion of the young artists. This years’ Salon features only 20 works out of 180 submitted, but the true paradox is in the fact that a large number of those “rejected” - or in this Salon’s preferred wording, “not included”, has already been included in exhibitions of more renown. What future format of presentation will be responsible for treading new paths in art, while at the same time providing space for the affirmation of upcoming young artists, and must this platform necessarily have the format of an exhibition?
Leader: Karla Pudar
Saturday, September 15th, 7:00 p.m.
Borbála Szalai, freelance curator, BudapestÁron Fenyvesi, Trafó Gallery, Budapest
About and around curating / Kustosiranje, Belgrade

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Second season’s activities (September-end of year 2012.) of the project About and around curating / Kustosiranje

For the Second season we planned following groups of activities:

  • Participation as accompanying programme at 53rd October Salon in Belgrade ( On Saturdays from 6 PM, including additional activities in some other days (artist's and curator’s talks, guidances). This year’s Opening of Salon is on September 22nd, and last day of the exhibition is November 3rd. Detailed programme of our activities we will publish later, as well announces and reviews before and after each event.
  • Academic course developed in collaboration with Fine Arts Academy and Architectural Faculty, Belgrade’s University, invited by Mphil. Rados Antonijevic and associate professor Miodrag Mladenovic. This Course, as expected should last next two semesters and, besides students of those two faculties will include academics from Department for History of Art as well. Subject of academic course is based on technology of developing an art project, in phases. At the end of the second semester students will show their art projects, which they developed together in mixed groups, on group exhibition in June 2013.
  • Session About and around curating/ Kustosiranje every other week, each time in different cultural institution in Belgrade, public and open for everybody, just like we did it before:
  • Presentation of project About and around curating/ Kustosiranje in regional centers of Serbia.
  • Guests of 31st Youth Salon at 14th and 15th of September (

Monday, September 10, 2012


We are back!
Forthcoming season, second in raw, of project  About and around curating/ Kustosiranje starts with first public session on 53rd October Salon, Geozavod’s building. New season will last from second half of September, until the end of the year 2012. During that period, besides our public appearances- sessions, we begin also with academic course, but first half of following season of About and around curating/ Kustosiranje will be marked by participation on October Salon.
Like before, we will try to inform you of planned activities, and also to create short reviews afterwards.