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First year of the About and around curating project

First year of the About and around curating project


Established cooperation

Professionals and collectives (participants of the public programme):

Institutions and organisations:

Special programme:

  • About and around curating at Mikser festival (25.05. – 02.06.2012) – exhibition project (supported by the Ministry of culture of Serbia)
  • About and around curating at the 53rd October salon (22.09. – 04.11.2012); accompanying programme and cooperation with artistic collective Expodium from Netherlands

Academic course About and around curating: The technology of the exhibition process / the realisation of the project – “real world”

Realisation: by call from professors Mladenović and Antonijević, autumn 2012 and an exhibition in spring 2013; teaching associates and co-authors (A.Bereta and S.Tunić)

  • Curators, art historians, Andrej Bereta and Srđan Tunić (Civil Association ARTIKAL)
  • Associate professor Milorad Mladenović, academic painter and architect (Faculty of Architecture, Belgrade)
  • Professor Radoš Antonijević, academic sculptor (Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade)
  • Assistant Ivan Šuletić, painter (Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade)
Students (7 by each department, total 21) of University of Belgrade:
  • Architecture
  • Art History
  • Fine arts (sculptors)

  • Practical activities of a curator
  • Proactivity and teamwork
  • Networking students of art faculties
  • Exhibition as a project

Presentation of the project

  • March 2012 Copenhagen, The Factory of Art & Design (with support from Danish Arts Council, UKK – Young Art Workers and curator Tijana Mišković)
  • May 2012 Belgrade, festival Mikser
  • September 2012 Zagreb, the 31st Youth Salon (by call from curator Vladimir Čajkovac, HDLU)
  • December 2012 Istanbul, Cultural innovators Network; Belgrade, the Festival of education of grown-ups

Planned activities for Season #03 (January – June 2013)

  • Publication on the first year of About and around curating project (springtime 2013)
  • Academic course About and around curating students' exhibition in Art space U10 (28.02. – 13.03.2012.)
  • Exhibitons with participants of the public programme (June 2012); in cooperation with gallery of Dom omladine Beograda
  • Internacional project, in cooperation with cultural institutions   (universities, NGO's, museums, artistic collectives); spring 2013
  • Public programme - public cultural institutions, exhibition spaces etc.

We are very satisfied with the achieved work results, colleagues' support and understanding by the general public. We've been enriched by sharing, exchange of experiences and positive vibrations. Therefore, we are grateful to everyone who participated in any way in the project Kustosiranje / About and around curating!

We are keeping on, of course...

Belgrade, January 2012
Andrej Bereta and Srđan Tunić

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