Saturday, January 26, 2013

About and around curating in media: interview (B92), Beokult (RTS TV2)

  • Interview for B92 website

            Sonja Gočanin, B92 associate, made an interview with the two of us, where we tried to answer several key questions on the contemporary art and culture sphere, from our viewpoint, and, of course, on the About and around curating project.

Interview (in Serbian): Srbija i kustosiranje u 21. veku (Serbian and curating in 21st century)

  • About and around curating in Christmas issue of Beokult

    We had the honour to be in the company of most creative younger art and culture professionals who marked 2012, in the opinion of editoral staff for culture of RTS TV Belgrade. This is a part of the programme, covered by journalist Maja Tucaković, broadcasted on 6th and 7th January 2013 (in Serbian).

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