Thursday, September 13, 2012

About and around curating in Zagreb at the 31st Youth salon

About and around curating / Kustosiranje will be a guest of the 31st Youth salon in Zagreb, curated by Vladimir Čajkovac, as part of the programme Corrections (Saturday, 15 September 2012 at 7 PM).

Also, together with the colleagues from the Salon and Curatorial platform, who are organising a special programme called Practicum, we'll have a chance to visit exhibitions, Antisalon (Parallel/Salon of the Rejects) and have a deeper insight in the work of the Salon, its curators and artists.

1. Could artists rebel through institutions at all?
The central issue of this year’s Salon is the shape and purpose of the exhibition as Salon gradually came to oppose the institutionalized events and the most frequent objection to the “exhibited cross-section of two years’ creative work” is directly opposite the original ideas of rebellion of the young artists. This years’ Salon features only 20 works out of 180 submitted, but the true paradox is in the fact that a large number of those “rejected” - or in this Salon’s preferred wording, “not included”, has already been included in exhibitions of more renown. What future format of presentation will be responsible for treading new paths in art, while at the same time providing space for the affirmation of upcoming young artists, and must this platform necessarily have the format of an exhibition?
Leader: Karla Pudar
Saturday, September 15th, 7:00 p.m.
Borbála Szalai, freelance curator, BudapestÁron Fenyvesi, Trafó Gallery, Budapest
About and around curating / Kustosiranje, Belgrade

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