Thursday, May 9, 2013

About and around curating: Thrill in movement, Mikser 2013 - exhibition format

ABOUT AND AROUND CURATING: THRILL IN MOVEMENT, Mikser festival 28.05. – 02.06.2013

Planned format of the exhibition:

  • Six teams were formed with a clear assignment to realise a new artistic work, both autonomous and in correlation with others, developing a joint and recognisable artistic concept.
  • Key words: mobility, transit, change, fluctuation, transport.
  • Artworks general info: all works will be mobile – 5 teams will have their works installed on mini trucks, while the 6th team will set a fixed work (while having a clear element of movement).
  • Each team consists of: an artist, a curator and a curatorial associate/documentary. Their roles are clearly defined, by the requirements of mutual communication and cooperation, as part of each specific team and inter-team work. Having that in mind, the most important intention of this team working is – responsibility. The focus is on: the transparency of work (instead of mystification of the “creative process”), share culture (instead of “author attitude”), participation and interaction with audience (instead of distance, based on mutual ignorance).
  • Roles: Artist and curator are in charge of developing the idea and the best possible way of artistic production. The artist presents the basic concept and technique, while the curator defines the context, suggests the presentation and ways of communication; together, they are creating a compact and argumented narrative. The curatorial associate is in charge to track the creative process, like a journalist, by text and photo posts, documenting the whole artistic process. On daily bases, every associate will be publishing a blog post (in both Serbian and English), tracking development and key challenges in his/her own team, during preparatory period (till 27th May) and during the festival (28th May – 2nd June). This journalistic process starts next week.
  • On artworks: all artworks (except for one, previously mentioned) will be fixed on basis (trucks), but also mobile. Every day of Mikser festival, About and around curating: thrill in movement visual artistic programme will be installed on different locations in Savamala district streets, while the mutual communication of artworks will be pointed out as important element of the exhibition setting.
  • On exhibition setting: during the festival, each day the exhibition will be installed at 17- 17.45h. Public guidanes will take place each day, by one of six teams, in same announced time. The exhibition will be opened from 28th May till 2nd June with working hours 18 – 04h.
  • "Peripatetic programme": the accompanying programme will be consisted of walking events, different from chamber and static format, usually associated with this kind of activities. Several panel-discussions would be held in closed space (Mikser House).

Directors of visual artistic programme of Mikser festival 2013:
Andrej Bereta and Srđan Tunić,
curators-art historians,
authors of the project Kustosiranje/ About and around curating

Belgrade, 09.05.2013

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