Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Second season’s activities (September-end of year 2012.) of the project About and around curating / Kustosiranje

For the Second season we planned following groups of activities:

  • Participation as accompanying programme at 53rd October Salon in Belgrade ( On Saturdays from 6 PM, including additional activities in some other days (artist's and curator’s talks, guidances). This year’s Opening of Salon is on September 22nd, and last day of the exhibition is November 3rd. Detailed programme of our activities we will publish later, as well announces and reviews before and after each event.
  • Academic course developed in collaboration with Fine Arts Academy and Architectural Faculty, Belgrade’s University, invited by Mphil. Rados Antonijevic and associate professor Miodrag Mladenovic. This Course, as expected should last next two semesters and, besides students of those two faculties will include academics from Department for History of Art as well. Subject of academic course is based on technology of developing an art project, in phases. At the end of the second semester students will show their art projects, which they developed together in mixed groups, on group exhibition in June 2013.
  • Session About and around curating/ Kustosiranje every other week, each time in different cultural institution in Belgrade, public and open for everybody, just like we did it before:
  • Presentation of project About and around curating/ Kustosiranje in regional centers of Serbia.
  • Guests of 31st Youth Salon at 14th and 15th of September (

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