Tuesday, September 16, 2014

International cooperation: Trans Cultural Dialogues in Berlin

As participants of several independent projects from CIN (Cultural Innovators Network, Goethe Institute), we are developing activities in cooperation with several partners from the Mediterranean (Euro-Mena). A series of working meetings was organized with members of projects Artivists4Change and Trans Cultural Dialogues. As such, TCD (Trans Cultural Dialogues) platform was developed as an open space for mutual exchange of ideas and creative narratives within contemporary arts and culture. The trip to Berlin was important to enable in person work with colleagues from Italy, Greece, Algeria, Spain, Macedonia, Tunis and Germany, in order to finalize plans for an unique art multimedia set of events, similar to biennial, being held in different cities every time. The first edition is called DJART, which stands as an acronym which connects geographical location (Algiers), neighborhood concept and arts.

We are happy to announce that DJART will take place in November 2014 in Algiers, after reaching material and technical support, in the times when fundraising for these kind of international/continental cooperations in arts and culture are hard to sustain. More on DJART and TCD: http://transculturaldialogues.net/

Foto: Hichem Merouche & Andrej Bereta

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