Tuesday, June 5, 2012

About and around curating #11 at Mikser festival 02 June 2012

On the last day of Misker festival 2012 we organised About and around curating meeting #11 in EDU zone, at 6 p.m.

Realised activities were presented, including daily presentations and video works which all the participants made, as a personal statement, giving voice to two topics - Savamala district (social, urbanistic, art aspect...) and the position of young "cultural entrepreneur" in Serbia today. Also, the participants-authors were in position to present and say something more about their videos, as well as to hear critiques or analysis of the videos by their colleagues. In the second part of the meeting, we analysed the participance of About and around curating in the festival and criticise Mikser 2012.

About and around curating #11 at 6 p.m.
EDU zone (Crnogorska 10 street)

Topics (45'):

- The participation of About and around curating project at Mikser festival 2012. Presentation of the group video works, individual presentations of the participants. 
Guests: the participants of About and around curating project at Mikser festival 2012: Ana Stevanović, art history student, Dušan Savić, art history student, Jelena Micić, philologist, philosophy/aesthetics student, Marija Ratković, art history student, Neda Radoičić, art historian, Slađana Dragičević, art historian, Viktorija Kamilić, art historian.

- The evaluation of the participation of About and around curating project at Mikser festival 2012. After the preparatory meetings and organisation of the exhibition project (April-May), the authors of the project have chosen eight regular participants of the programme and together with them organised a programme at the festival: short video works, presentations, visitors communication...
This time, the participants will have an opportunity to evaluate the exhibition project of About and around curating, as well as the Mikser festival 2012.

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